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Home Made Smoked Bacon:

The bacon recipe can be written on your hand: Rub with 6tsp salt and 1tsp prauge powder #1 for each 5lbs of pork belly.  Cure for 5 days/inch of thickness.  Smoke till 150F internal.

Home Made Cranberry Juice:

This stuff is unique and powerful! The fresh berries will twist your face off, but after steamer juicing on the cook stove and adding a little honey, the juice will blow your mind.

Easy Sourdough Bread:

Want more info on sourdough? Check out Rose's favourite sourdough recipe!

Malcom Reed's Boston Butt

You can get all the proper details for the smoked boston butt recipe on Malcom Reed's YT channel, HowtoBBQRight, at

Super Easy Soap: Making Soap with Lye and Lard

Making soap is a Homestead-101 kind of skill. Making soap with lye and lard and one secret ingredient ...... Our super easy soap secret? Cottonwood buds! You can make it without but it may smell a little piggy, no big deal but you know what they say "less piggy your soap the better".

How To Make Kombucha With Fruit

Rose puts on a clinic and shows us how to make kombucha with fresh (or frozen) berries. If you want more detailed instructions or recipes we recommend you have a look at a great video by the homesteading family at

Snaring Rabbits and Making Rabbit Stew

Take your participants to the kitchen sink. You can use a knife to get things started but rabbits are made to be cleaned, most all their non-meat parts just pull off. Remove anything that you do not want to eat. Rinse the rest off and cut into friable pieces. Coat with flower,salt and pepper. Sear on each side for a minute in bacon fat. Throw in pot with onions and this home made cream of chicken soup. Cook low and slow for a long time. Enjoy.

Jalapeno and Cheddar Smokies

3 pounds of ground venson already mixed with fat
1 cup of distilled water
Prague powder (3g/kg of meat max)
3 finely diced large jalapeno chiles
1/2 tsp of garlic powder
1 tsp freshly ground pepper
2 tsp of whole yellow mustard seeds
1 1/2 cup cheddar cheese at about a 1/4" dice
6 to 7 feet of hog casings or 38mm collagen casings

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