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Off Grid Homesteading Campout!

Come camp with us at our Off Grid Homestead!  Make new friends, learn some skills and live the simple life. 


What?  There's a lot of like minded people out there and it's time we meet up.  And what better setting than an off grid campout at our off grid homestead?  You bring your tent (or rent a cabin or wall tent) and your sleeping gear.  We'll provide the space, a communal fire pit and kitchen, composting outhouse and ALL THE FOOD. 


We'll butcher a pig, learn the ins and outs of processing an animal, and we'll eat delicious pork all weekend long! 


You can tour the off grid homestead and hit us with all your questions.  Check out the garden, greenhouse, root cellar, wood cookstove, ram pump and maybe even milk a cow! 


We can take the Wood-Mizer for a spin if you like the idea of milling your own lumber.  Jeff will offer helpful advice while Rose and the girls power up the pizza oven, wood cookstove and fire pit in the outdoor kitchen to make all our food! 


Hot Dave is gonna bring over his Pole Lathe and everyone who's interested will have a chance to try their hand at turning some green wood.  And because we all love leather work, Julia will put on a little clinic so you can make your own keychain.

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Where? Northern BC, Canada (within an hour of Prince George).  We'll give you exact directions after you've registered.

When? Show up anytime after dinner on Monday evening, July 8th and stay till Friday afternoon July 12th.  

We provide delicious meals starting with breakfast on Tuesday morning and ending with a knockout lunch on Friday afternoon.

How Much? (The following prices are in Canadian Dollars)

  • Single Adult: $800 

  • Couple:$1300

  • Family of 3*: $1600 

  • Family of 4* $1800 

  • Family of 5 or more*: $1900

  • Tent Camping is free, but bring your own tent.

  • Cabin Rental, includes your own off grid bathroom (Sleeps 2 adults and 2 kids) 2 available $500 each

  • Wall Tent Rental (Sleeps up to ~6) 1 available $500

  • Roof Top Tent Rental (Sleeps 2) 2 available $250 each

  • *Don't include babies in your family count.  I mean, I know they COUNT, but unless they eat like a hobbit, just don't count them.

Important Details....

  • Your admission purchase will be fully refundable UNTIL June 1, 2024 (small fee applies to cover processing).

  • There will be no garbage disposal.  If you pack it in, please pack it out.

  • Unfortunately, no dogs.

  • There will obviously be....very limited power.  Don't count on plugging in.  :)

  • Food will not be vegetarian or vegan or allergen free.  You are free to bring your own food if you require.

  • Prepare for hot and cold and rainy conditions.  'Cause weather.

  • We hope to be able to swim in the river, so bring your bathing suit....please.

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