Off Grid Campout!

Come camp with us in the woods.  Make new friends, learn some skills and live the simple life. 

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What? There's a lot of like minded people out there and it's time we meet up.  And what better setting than an off grid  campout in the woods?  You bring your tent and sleeping gear, we'll provide a space to pitch it, a communal fire pit and kitchen, composting outhouse, spring water and ALL THE FOOD.  We'll basically live the first days of an off grid homestead.  We'll build the aforementioned kitchen:), collect our water and firewood, butcher a pig and prepare all our own food.

Where? Northern BC, Canada (within an hour of Prince George).  We'll give you exact directions after you've registered.

When? Show up anytime after dinner on Wednesday evening, May 11, and stay till Sunday afternoon, May 15th.

We provide delicious meals starting with breakfast on Thursday morning and ending with a knockout lunch on Sunday afternoon.  

What about Dave's Wood Working Clinic?

  • Thursday 0900-1700ish

  • You and a small group (5-10) will work with Dave and try your hand on the pole lathe, shaving horse and with hand carving tools.

  • You'll start the day by falling a fresh Birch tree and finish up with your own small hand craft(s)

  • $140 each participant

What about Julia's Leather Workshop?

  • Friday 1300-1700ish (and maybe an hour or two after dinner)

  • You and a small group (5-10) will work with Julia to mark and cut the hide, stamp it and tool it, dye it and attached the hardware.

  • You'll start with a fresh piece of cow hide and end the day cinching up your brand new handmade leather belt.

  • $100 each participant

How Much?  

  • Single Adult: $650

  • ​Couple: $1000

  • Family of three*: $1200

  • Family of four*: $1400

  • Family of five or more*: $1500

  • *Don't include toddlers in your family count.  I mean, I know they COUNT, but unless they eat like a hobbit, just don't count them. 

This party will take a lot of planning, preparation and a ton of food!  We'd love you to join us so we've tried to keep the price reasonable, while still considering our cost and effort.

Important Details.....

  • We can only proceed with a minimum number of campers.  If we don't reach that number by April 1, we will cancel and provide full refunds.

  • Your admission purchase will be fully refundable UNTIL April 1, 2022.

  • There will be no garbage disposal.  If you pack it in, please pack it out.

  • Unfortunately, no dogs.  They would inevitably end up eating someone else's dog or getting eaten by a bear or just making poops that I would step in and then I'd throw it in the spring (the dog).

  • There will obviously... be no power.

  • We may have an outdoor shower! Yeah! But no guarantees at this point.  Hope and pray!

  • Food will not be vegetarian or vegan or allergen free.  You are free to bring your own food if required.

  • Prepare for cold (freezing) or rainy conditions.  Cause weather.

  • Your camp spot may be about 500m from your vehicle.  Not too far, but leave your big bulky stuff behind.