Backcountry Bonanza

We are heading into the backcountry to stash prizes for you to find!

Where? Somewhere in BC, Canada


You will certainly need to 'get out', and while you may spend multiple days searching, it will not be required to spend a night in the backcountry to reach the location(s).

When? June 2020

  • June 13 - Follow our instagram for the earliest details - @Gridlessness

  • June 20 - The search begins!  The Gridlessness Youtube video will reveal critical clues to the location

  • ???? -  Follow @Gridlessness daily for additional clues until all prizes are found

Who? Everyone

  • ​Anyone can join the hunt; follow us on Instagram, sub and hit the little bell on Youtube to make sure you have all the current details

  • Not anywhere near BC?  No problem, we have prizes for you too!  Based on the clues, tag us on instagram with UTM coordinates (or a pin on a map) where you think the treasure is.  The 3 closest win a Gridlessness prize pack.

What? Treasure! Thats what.

  • We asked some of our favourite brands and they ponied up: Barmah Hats, Rocky Peak Adventure Gear, Zoleo, Biolite and Dan Hurd Prospecting​.  Follow @Gridlessness for exact prize details.

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